Generic Serial Test Job

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Jump to: navigation, search is a generic serial shell script to test serial programs. It looks like this:


echo "Hello World"

sleep 20


To test using this job:

  1. Use the Data Manager to copy it to the cluster on which you will run it.
  2. Select "Generic Jobs" under the "Job Services" tab.
  3. Fill in the Generic Job Submission form as follows:
    1. Select the cluster name from the drop down menu labeled "Submit to:".
    2. Job Name is optional
    3. You should have already have copied the executable,, to the selected cluster. Either:
      • Click the File Folder symbol to the right of the text input field labeled "Executable:" and use the file selector which opens to select the executable or
      • type in the filename of the executable in the text input field. Either provide a full path or a path which is relative to your home directory ($HOME).
    4. Leave the text input field labeled "Arguments:" blank.
    5. Leave the text input field labeled "Directory:" blank.
    6. For "JobType" select Serial.
    7. Enter 1 for the number of processors.
    8. Click the "Submit Job" button.