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UGP currently incorporates resource pools. To summarize the current state of pools:

  • Clusters can contribute resources and applications to the resource pool on each Grid.
  • All users of a Grid Portal can use the pooled resources and applications available there by submitting jobs to the resource pool.
  • When a job is submitted to the resource pool, the Grid Portal selects the cluster on which is to run the job and stages all the input files for that job over to that cluster.

To make pools work each cluster that contributes to the pool must:

  • Create a guest login id under which the pool jobs run.
  • Put the guest login id in its gridmap file.
  • Create a GridSphere account and certificate for that guest login id.
  • Provide a mechanism that allocates resources to pool jobs in a way that prevents pool jobs from going over the allotment of resources that that cluster has contributed to the resource pool.

The use of pools provides a mechanism for automatically spreading work around to available resources and equalizing and balancing loads. Pools also provide a mechanism for sharing application software.

In the future we plan to implement specialty pools in addition to campus pools. The cluster administrators of different clusters on a campus will be able join their clusters together in a specialty pool by contributing resources and applications to that pool. Likewise, cluster administrators of clusters on different campuses can form resource pools at the UC Grid level. The clusters forming a specialty pool must assign someone to act as the pool administrator for that pool.