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Services Provided by UGP

The main services that are currently provided by UGP to its users are:


Allows one to see at a glance, the status of all the clusters. Both summarized status information, and detailed status information is provided.

For more information, see Resources Demo

Data Manager

Allows one to: list and manage files on the clusters and Storage Servers; view and edit text files, view image files, visualize computational results; copy files and directories between a cluster or Storage Server and the user’s local machine (upload/download); and transfer files and directories between clusters or between a cluster and a Storage Server.

For more information, see AJAX Data Manager Demo

Job Services

Allows one to submit a job and view the job status and results.

  • Special application services provide easy access to all popular applications.
    • The administrator can taylor the form that is presented to the user to fill in to submit the application.
    • With appForm, the user can fill in a form to generate the input for an application instead of providing the input file himself.
      • Prebuilt forms are provided for several popular chemistry applications.
  • Cluster users can submit jobs to specific clusters.
  • All users can submit jobs to one of the resource pools. When a job is submitted to the resource

pool, using a best fit algorithm, UGP selects the cluster to run it and stages all the input files to that cluster from any accessible cluster or Storage Server.

How to administer Pool Resource

For more information, see Job Services Demo

Other Grids

Provides Data Manager and Job Services for clusters, not part of the Grid connected to the Grid Portal the user is using, but which are part of other Grids that are open and not behind firewalls. TeraGrid resources at SDSC are an example of this.

For more information, see Access TeraGrid Demo


Interactive incluces:

Interactive Applications
Allows users to run interactive GUI applications on the cluster compute nodes and control them from their web browsers. Uses VNC to provide this service. See:How to setup Interactive Applications and Interactive Application Demo.
Grid Development Environment (GDE)
Allows users to compile Fortran, C/C++ code on any of the computational clusters. Both user-supplied and GDE-created Makefiles are supported. You have to configure the IndexService on the appliance How to configure GDE for users to compiler MPI programs.


Submitting an Application Job

File:Submit Application.jpg

Pool Job Output Summary Table

File:Pool Job Output.jpg

Visualizing 3D Gridded Data


appForm (Application Form)