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With a stand-alone (independent) Grid and Grid Portal, UGP:

 * Provides a stand-alone through-the-web interface to all of the clusters in
   a Grid. This interface hides user interface and scheduler differences among
   the clusters and it makes it easy to work with multiple clusters at once.
 * Provides a single login for users. A user logs into the Grid Portal, not
   into each of the individual clusters that the user will use.
 * Provides resources both to: users who have login ids on individual clusters
   (Cluster Users), and users who do not (Pool-Only Users). Any person with
   campus/institution affiliation who does not have access to any of the
   clusters, can easily gain access to resources throughout the Grid by
   becoming a Pool-Only User.
 * Is secure to the extent possible by up to date technology. Clusters can sit
   behind firewalls if that is their policy. A Grid Appliances is open only to
   the cluster to which it is attached and the Grid Portal. Proxy certificates
   are used for authentication at every step of the way (between Grid Portal
   and Grid Appliances). Users never handle their certificates.
 * Provides a user access to those resources on other independent Grids that
   that user has access to, provided that those independent Grids: 1) also run
   Globus ToolKit and 2) store user credentials in a MyProxy 
   Server that is
   accessible from the Grid Portal.
 * Provides for resource pools and Pool Users. This allows cluster owners to
   expose unused resources by contributing them to resource pools on the Grid.
   Pooled resources in the default pool are available for use by anyone who
   can login to the Grid Portal. When a user submits a job to the pool, UGP
   selects that cluster which will give their job the best turnaround. In
   addition to providing the best turnaround for individual jobs, this
   optimizes performance and resource utilization throughout the Grid.

At the same time as the UGP architecture presents a uniform appearance to users, it provides for a Grid made up of diverse computing environments (hardware, operating systems, job schedulers) and autonomous administrative domains. Local organizations own and maintain control of the resources involved, and local administrative procedures and security solutions take precedence.

UGP makes use entirely of open source software: Globus ToolKit, Tomcat, Java, Gridsphere and MySQL. UGP itself is also open source.